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Our Services

Resolution of Differences

Common Ground's professional mediators assist target organizations in managing their stress in alignment with organizational values and ethical standards. We assist organizations and individuals in building understanding and resolving conflict. We provide unbiased assistance to all participants. Our goal is to seek reconciliation and the healthy resolution of differences, when possible.

Services include:

Strategic Planning Consultation

Common Ground's consultants and board members bring a depth and width of vocational and life experience to every consultation. We match our resources to the client's needs. For example, if a strategic partner is a member of the faith community, we seek the services of ordained clergy and others who have a working knowledge of congregational, synod and synagogue life. Or, if our client is in the nonprofit service industry, we consult with our board and service providers who make up many of the nonprofit sectors. Good strategic planning, complete with timelines and persons responsible to carry out assignments, is crucial to healthy organizational growth

Services include:

Facilitation Services

Common Ground recognizes that communication can be challenging whether it is in groups, families, organizations or between two individuals. We offer facilitation services which help these groups and individuals communicate in a positive manner and move their goals and agendas forward. Services include:


Common Ground offers dynamic and effective workshops and individual and small group trainings to empower individuals and groups in all aspects of communication and conflict resolution. Workshops are offered at various times during the year and times and details are available by emailing Workshops and trainings are a great way to advance in the area of communication and conflict resolution in a fun and engaging manner.

Presentation Topics Covered Time
Difficult Conversations: Enhancing Your Skills to Confront Issues Conflict and difficult conversations are unavoidable in our lives. Our challenge is not in avoiding them but in using them to build deeper and more enriching relationships. This training provides practical and proven tips on conducting difficult conversations in ways that will increase the likelihood of positive outcomes. 2 to 8 hours
Understanding Your Personal Style of Conflict Management Through self-assessment testing, participants come to understand their preferred styles of handling differences. This knowledge will enhance participants' skills in dealing with conflicts by helping them to focus on their strengths while minimizing their tendency to resort to weaknesses. 2 to 4 hours
Planning and Managing Successful Meetings Managers, executives, board chairpeople and pastors will benefit from this workshop. The workshop provides instruction on how to plan and lead meetings. Participants will have an opportunity to plan a meeting using techniques presented in this workshop. 2 to 8 hours
Resolving Organizational Conflicts Through Communication All organizations experience conflict. Successful organizations deal with conflict effectively. This training provides instruction on how difficult organizational issues can be resolved through open and facilitated discussions. 2 to 4 hours
Think Like a Lawyer, Talk Like a Saint Got conflict in your life? Do you have a hard time asserting yourself? Is the party to your conflict not playing by the rules? This interactive workshop is designed to empower anyone in conflict to navigate forward to a positive resolution. Taught by a seasoned lawyer, it will teach you skills and strategies lawyers use in working out disputes and how to fold them into a compassionate and creative approach to yield win/win results even in the toughest of situation. 2 1/2 hours
Life vs. Litigation - Strategies for staying out of court in high stakes disputes Anyone in business will benefit from this workshop. This workshop compares the cost and benefit of litigation to other work-out alternatives and provides strategies for staying out of court even with the most litigious opponent. 2 1/2 hours
Busting the Bully Bullies are widely recognized as toxic and destructive and difficult to deal with. This workshop empowers those who have to deal with bullies in the workplace, on the school ground, and in the home. We take a look at what motivates the bully and strategies to power up without compromising "high road" values. 2 1/2 hours
The Joy of Conflict This workshop starts from the premise that conflict is good and transformative if handled in the right way. We all can learn and grow from conflict and restore peace in our lives if we are mindful in our approach. This workshop is perfect for anyone and everyone because we all experience conflict in our lives. It offers an exciting and positive approach to one of the most difficult parts of life. Perfect for business people, families, spouses, friends, and virtually everyone in between. 2 1/2 hours
The Art of Conflict Resolution A cutting-edge workshop that teaches powerful and creative conflict resolution strategies using art as a teaching tool. In this workshop you will learn why conflict arises and how to transform it into growth opportunities. This workshop is an entertaining time painting your way through conflict – no prior art experience is necessary. 3-8 hours