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Our Fees

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, Common Ground keeps its fees within the financial reach of the constituency it serves. We understand that many non-profits and faith communities do not have the financial resources to allocate to managing internal dynamics. Generous benefactors, grants and dedicated staff make it possible for Common Ground to keep fees at a fraction of market rates.

We are especially diligent keeping our administrative and overhead costs at a minimum. Hours are broken out and displayed openly for clients to see where time is being spent and the costs associated with administrative, secretarial, planning, and on-site visits.

No project is started without a clear understanding by the client and Common Ground what the financial parameters will be. We estimate the time and cost of each assignment presenting these findings to the client prior to signing a contract.

How You Can Help:

Common Ground welcomes donations from the community to support its mission. Click here to donate online or contact us for more information.