Strengthening Organizations; Enhancing Communications.
Serving Idaho's Treasure Valley and around the Northwest.

What We Do

Common Ground provides conciliation services at a reduced market rate, working to strengthen people, organizations, and our communities by:

Unique Details

Common Ground is the only nonprofit consulting group in the Treasure Valley dedicated to successful conflict transformation, strategic planning, organizational collaboration, and training for communication within organizations, families, and our community. We also do contract work throughout the Northwest.

Common Ground is affordable. Our fees are typically 1/3 to 1/2 of market rates. We use grants and benefactor contributions to offset many administrative costs. Our goal is to deliver the highest quality service at an affordable cost.

Common Ground provides services that are delivered by seasoned, professional and respected mediators, facilitators and pastors. Before any work is completed, a free in-depth interview is conducted to clarify expectations and needs. After the interview, and prior to beginning our work, we provide clients with a proposal outlining the estimated charges and process.

Our Most Important Value

Common Ground builds trust by being unbiased. The groups and organizations Common Ground serves are comprised of individuals with diverse beliefs, interests, and communication styles. Common Ground's ability to work effectively with a diversity of clients in an unbiased and professional manner is a source of pride and an important contributor to our success. Because Common Ground consultants come ready to learn about a variety of topics and perspectives, they quickly gain the confidence and trust of clients.

Our Foundational Belief

Common Ground believes that faith communities and nonprofit groups provide valuable but unheralded services to every neighborhood in every small town and city. These faith communities and nonprofits are often under funded, using grants and contributions to survive year to year. They rely on volunteers and members to manage their affairs, and frequently these volunteers are unprepared for the magnitude of the assignment. We believe these groups deserve quality assistance through consulting relationships just like the for-profit sector. Common Ground fills that need by providing quality consultative services to a most valued sector of our communities.